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Q. Can I make the results wider?

A. Yes, use the "results table width" field in the ControlPanel.

Q. I signed-up and put the code on my page but it doesn't work.

A. Then you may have done one of the following:

1. Instead of putting the URL of the specific page the form is on, you put the URL of your main site. The Search/Result Form needs to be on a static page (a post entry will do for many blog) but your account needs to be set to send the results to that page. (Sometimes the wrong URL will work, as in the case of some blogs, because the correct form is on that page, but as more blog entries are made, the results will be pushed down the page. Eventually it will be more or less useless. You need to make sure the exact URL of the static page is entered into the URL field in your phpAV settings)

2. You may have grabbed the wrong code. The main code is the blue code, the sidebar code is the green code.

3. The service you are using disables javascript. MySpace and some other sites that offer blogs or free web sites will do this as a security measure. PhpAV won't work unless the code is retained intact.